multiple libraries

so with the new library feature, i have a suggestion… for people like me who have kids, and that dont like to have kids stuff mixed with adult stuff and everything mixed together, it would be nice to be able to create multiple libraries…  for example, for library 1, i would select the folders that should be part of it, then for library 2, i’d select other folders etc…


we would still ge tthe benefit of the library but with more “order”…

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I can only second that  :slight_smile:

any chance of that happening&

My workaround is to use XBMC instead, but it takes way longer to get to the movie.


I really hope this feature will be implemented.



I was going to start a new thread, but this is the exactly what I wanted to request!  Under “My Files” you can hold the button and select which files are “Movies” and which are TV Shows".  But under the Library, there is also “Other”.  It would be nice to add to these categories and rename them as appropriate.   I have snowboard videos, bike videos, and exercise videos that I like separated from my movies.



Perhaps if restrictions were enabled, Media Player / Library would respect this and, once metadata is retrieved, if the said data exceeds a restriction, then it simply shows “Not Allowed - Movie/TV Show/Music in effect.”