Multiple libraries

Okay so on my library page I currently have two library’s linked to gdrive. One is my Blu-ray remux and one is x265 encodes.

Currently I have my remux library ticked and the x265 unticked as they have the same files but different file sizes.

If I was to untick my remux library and start using my x265 will I loose my metadata for remux and have to go through the process of fetching the meta data again if I decide to switch back.

Or can I switch between the two as and when??

If you check the 265 library it should double your library pretty quickly and after it finishes you can uncheck your remux group and again it should drop back to the correct numbers pretty quick. Shouldn’t have to do much fetching as long as the names of the movies are the same.

if you use iCloud sync, every time you change the library, infuse going to take the data in iCloud, so, it should be fast.

As long as you do it in the correct order. :wink:

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