Multiple Infuse clients to a single network share setup question

Hi There.

I currently have an AppleTV (and other iOS devices) at home taking media from a shared network and all works just fine.

I would like to have a second (maybe even 3rd once more VPN capabilities arrive like wireguard on tvos) apple tv with infuse pointing to the same network share BUT, i want to prevent this one from being bale to edit/delete anything (like a kind of readonly so kids/guests don’t nuke my media collection) without affecting my main devices and thus can’t just readonly the network drive.

Anyone has any suggestions or idea how I could achieve that?


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As far as I know there is a setting in Infuse like „manage files“ (I only have the German version, here it is called „Dateiverwalung“) which denies Infuse to to something with your files on the share (like delete).
However I also wanted to do that more secure and managed it with multiple account on the server where the share is. On the server I could give a special account I called infuse only read-only permissions. This account then was used in Infuse to connect to the share.

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The issue with that setting is that nothing prevents someone going into the menu and change it so that would be a no go for me.

Your second option looks very interesting however and I had not thought about that. What type of network share are you using ? And does having read-only access to the directory cause any issue with Infuse at all? Like for metadata etc if you need to edit them?

I have a Synolgy NAS and using SMB shares.
No, you don’t have any impact since Infuse doesn’t do anything with the files on the shares itself. Metadata is all on the Apple TV / iPhone etc. even when you change Metadata, it all happens on the Infuse client only.

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Thanks! I will explore this option and lock it down this way, looks to be the best and easiest ! Thanks