Multiple filters at the same time from Library


I think library feature is great in Infuse, but to be able to filter a movie to watch, I think it would be great to have the possibility to have multiple filters and not just one.

For example… right now you can have a date filter (let’s say 1960’s movies) and genre filter (let’s say I want Family movies).

But… what about if I just want to see Family Movies from 1960’s? I can’t do it right now, since I would have to choose between those two filters, without the possibility to merge them to have a lower number of movies.

Would be great to be able to be adding several filters at the same time, that way I could fine the search as much as I want, since right now it is kind of limited.

Besides… every movie can have several genres, so Let’s say I want to see movies that are “animated” and “comedy”, or even “animated” or “comedy”.

What I mean, is that there is a lot of work to do with filters in order to be able to narrow our search with infuse, and don’t have so many movies once you apply a single filter.


Anything on this? I think it’s a great idea and will be really awesome for Infuse users to be able to do so…

If you think it will be possible, I would appreciate any comment.

Regards, and Happy New Christmas!

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Strongly agree with this suggestion.
It would be ideal to be able to combine several filters in order to refine the search within a large video library.
For example: in the Thriller section, I would like to see the top rated films of the 90s.
3/4 filters combined would be ideal.

Thank you in advance.


Made the popcorn, dimmed the lights, fired up Infuse on Apple TV!

Filter for Comedies and then tried to sort Comedies by Ratings and no option exists!

No worries, go to Filter movies with 8-10 Rating and try to filter by Comedy Genre and no option exists there either!

How is this basic feature missing??

I know I can view Top 30 but thats obviously limited.

Being able to filter and easily discover content should be the highest priority. I shouldn’t have to use separate apps to do so.


I did a search and found there are many requests for better sorting but they are all slightly different. A lot of the confusion is that the general feature doesn’t exist and this leads to many different threads. This hides a much needed and easily added feature in plain sight.

It doesn’t make sense to only show alphabetical sorting for Genres. Sorting should be by Rating, Date and Unwatched.

You’re talking about two different things. Sorting and Filtering are different approaches.

What I think you’re asking for is the ability to “filter” your library by stacking criteria such as show all Comedies from the 1990s that are PG rated and unwatched.

Sorting is the order that the files are displayed in such as alphabetical, release date, or by dated added to your library.

Maybe title your suggestion “Allow stacking criteria for filtering Library”?

The multiple threads you are talking about are each a different specific change that user wants and some may be far easier to implement than others so that’s why they’re separate.

I do like the idea of being able to stack the filters for the library too!

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I only put sorting and filtering together because different people have different requests and the buttons should both appear at the top of the Genre.

What you proposed is great but Im not even looking for anything that complicated.

How about just simple filtering of a genre?

If you select Movies → By Genre → Comedy then the movies appear in alphabetical order. I don’t see any way to sort by rating OR filter by watched/unwatched status.

If you select Movies → All Movies then the movies also appear in alphabetical order. Still no way to sort by rating OR filter by watched/unwatched status.

If you select Movies → By Rating → 8 to 10 Stars then the movies appear in alphabetical order. I don’t see any way to sort by Genre OR filter by watched/unwatched status.

So even basic stacking of a filter AKA a sub-filter is missing and its driving my family crazy.

This is so basic that it should have been included in Infuse Beta 0.0001, right?

Could everyone who agrees that we need this please upvote the feature?

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Yes, both the sorting and filtering capabilities in Infuse feel half-baked. Lack of multiple filters at once (e.g. Genre and Unwatched) and how lists on the home screen revert to alphabetical sorting at all times are mildly disappointing. These features would make the product not only more complete, but easier to use. Whilst I appreciate the focus on the playback engine and it working seemlessly for everything you can throw at it, a little more love and attention to the User Experience for future features would be thanked by the global community.


In Settings there is a global setting for Sort Order with options of Title, Filename, Date and Release Date.

Id still like sorting for each genre but could we at least add “Rating” there?

That would probably be a simple fix, right James?

Also, there are many requests for this that can be combined into this topic.

Sorting TV-Shows on the homescreen (tvOS)
General sorting vs per folder sorting
Better sorting, filters, ways to explore content
Filter Top 30 and ratings by unwatched
Different sorting options for movie’s
Sort content by rating

Thats just from a quick search, I bet there are a lot more.

Could you combine all these or just add Sort by Rating to to the global sort todo list?


Would you mind commenting on sorting? There are a lot of requests over the last decade and ideas to improve it. It seems like some of them could be done really easily. Its a lot easier to add a filter or sort than to implement a new codec, right?

Еще бы было здорово как у Plex по каталогу

, домашнее видео разбито по папкам, названиям, тематическим событием.

I agree.
I would like to make a new filter that combines “Recently added” and “Unwatched”.
Right now I’ve the filter “Recently added”. but everytime I watch a movie from this list, it remains…

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@james didn’t reply but I see a “Planned” tag now. Is that new or did I miss it previously?


It will be nice (and I guess necessary…) to include in the next version to possibility to search by combining multiple search criterias, like : movies not seen, category : action !!!
This is basic and is really missing in Infuse !!



Hi: I would love to see the ability to filter movies (or TV seasons) by multiple criteria Two would be good three would be great. Right now I can look at Action Movies or Movies from the 1970s It would be good to be able to filter it to Action movies from the 1970s. Or Romance Comedy from the 1980s would be perfect.

Maybe a filter screen where you could tick off multiple boxes?

Thanks for listening


I know this may be an age old question, which may hopefully be sorted in a coming update for multiple library filters - but…

The main reason I still do not use Library for my TV Shows is because it bundles everything into one place. So my biggest gripe is having all of my adult animated TV Shows and all of my kids animated TV Shows thrown together with all of my live action TV Shows.

I want to have a way to have a favourite for TV Shows which actually does not include a type like Animated. But then step two would be to have Adult Animated and Kids Animated in two seperate Library shares. Is this something which will be addressed ever?

Last, but by no means least, is that I don’t like how the ‘Unwatched’ filter is displayed. I know this has been brought up time and time again, but I wanted unwatched to present the show so that I can drill into the unwated seaon, not for it to display them in seasons of unwateched show. Will this be addressed?

I noticed one thing we don’t have is filtering in the libraries or files tab.
I think it is a standard feature to have which infuse missed.
We can sort but not filter.
I know there is an unwatched option in the search tab but it just mixes up everything.

I moved your post to a currently running thread for this feature. Note that it is currently tagged as “planned” so it’s getting some attention.

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Hi, this is a feature request for the Apple TV app.

My partner always goes into the “Movies” section on Infuse and then manually scrolls down. I would love a way to Filter the Movies section so I could quickly find (for example) all unwatched action movies from the 1980s.

Would this be possible?


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I moved your post to a currently running thread in the suggestions forum for this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink: