Multiple Drives Not Showing

I’ve run the smart installer three times from the maintenance>settings menu but am having no luck mounting or even getting them to show. I’ve tried multiple OS X Journaled drives that work fine on multiple OS X clients. The drive labels are simple words with no spaces or symbols, under 500GB and are not partitioned.

The drives have been connected both from a cold boot and hot plugged during operation but still no joy.

Anyone got any tips please? First day with apple tv and software. Fresh install, ran the smart installer - am I missing something?

I can FTP files into the movies directory but can’t see any drive there.


After doing another smart install and leaving ATV off for 5 minutes, starting it and going to MEDIA>COLLECTIONS the path to the drive is now visible and I can play content off the drive. It still isn’t avaliable in NITO tv however. How should the drive display when i goto nito tv>files.

Is that the correct way to look at an external using nito?


No dice for me either- I just downloaded ATVFLash. Before installing I made sure that everything was up to date. Everything has been installed, reinstalled, shut down, & restarted. Just to be absolutely clear, everything has been installed, reinstalled, shut down, & restarted multiple times and my hard drive is still not showing anywhere. I have a 2TB western digital. I hope this can be resolved as this is the one feature that I bought ATVFlash for- if this doesn’t work, then I just spent $80 for nothing …

Also- the drive I have is formatted for the mac (Journeled) and it shows up on my mac fine and I have media on it that plays fine on my mac- but it does not work on my ATV …

You may try connecting the drive after the AppleTV is powered on and main menu appears. Some drives seem to prefer this.

I’m having the same problem.

I have just purchased aTV Flash, done all updates, restarted et al. When I try and do a smart installer install from aTV Flash maintenance it says that it’s not available and check back later. An install via nitotv gives a partial or fail error. The drive is a 2TB mac formatted drive and can be seen on my MBP.

Neither way enables the USB. I have done numerous restarts, and have had the drive connected before and after start-up.

At this point I feel that I just wasted $AUS60. Does anyone have a fix?

Currently it seems there are some issues with the Apple servers which are causing this error. They should be resolved soon so you can try the Smart Installer again.

I just posted on this on another link but I am also having the same exact problem. I am hoping it is not cause of ATV’s update or Nito TV’s as I installed a little over a week ago with 4.1.2 and .0.9.0 on my other apple tv and it has been working like a dream. Hopefully this will get resolved soon as I have no desire to keep reinstalling this system over and over again to no avail.

I believe the download issues should now be resolved. Also, you will want to install both the Maintenance and nitoTV updates that are now available via Maintenance --> Manage Plugins.