Multiple copies of episodes showing up in season folder

I’ve had this occurring quite a bit lately. Not sure exactly what the steps are to reproduce because it doesn’t seem consistent, but here’s one way it can happen:

If I’m watching a series on one ATV, shut it down and resume from another ATV, e.g., moving from the lounge to the bedroom, I’ll sometimes get three copies of every episode showing up on the second ATV. Not sure why three copies, but I have three ATVs in the house if that means anything.

[edit] - scratch the bit about changing ATVs. It just happened on the one I was already using, after shutting it down for a while, turning it back on to watch something else with Infuse, then going back to the series I was watching earlier… bam, three copies of everything.

This only happens if I go directly to the season via the ATV top shelf, or via the Watching section on the home screen. If I navigate to the share via Favourites and down into the series folder, it shows the correct number of episodes - I guess because it’s re-scanned the directory on the way in.

There is only one copy of the show on my NAS, and only one share to the NAS per ATV.

Restarting Infuse doesn’t solve this.

Currently running Pro 5.7.4 but it’s happened on previous versions as well.


I confirm I had a similar issue a couple of releases ago, I think it happened after I surfed Infuse from my iPad. I only had two copies. Everything went back to normal after starting an episode.

Also it happened just before updating to 5.7.4 that in in “Currently watching” on the top shelf I had two copies of the same season. Again, starting an episode it fixed it.

In my case it doesn’t matter if you watch the episode, restart the app, or reboot the ATV. The only fix is to browse back though the folder with the files in it.

Are you streaming from your NAS via UPnP or DLNA by chance?

We’ve seen a few cases where duplicates can appear temporarily when content is added/removed on some NAS drive models.

Nope, SMB, and it’s not related to adding or removing content on the NAS.

Hmm, ok.

If you use the edit option on each duplicate episode does it show you the same filename?

I’ll have to try next time it happens (shouldn’t be long).

[edit] Well this is embarrassing. Turns out there were other copies on lying about in another location on the NAS after all. Sorry about that.

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