Multiple ATV's Sync Possible?

Hey everyone,

So as it says in the title, I have 2 atv’s one in my bedroom and one in my office. Both are jailbroken with media player installed.
Is there any way for the apple tv’s to cross sync? If i watch TV show A Ep 15 in my bedroom when I turn on the atv in the office it shows that show as watched?

Also is there anyway to sync metadata in the same way?


Even if I have to run a cron or something similar to that it is fine but I thought it would be a cool feature.

This is not currently possible.

It has been requested in the past quite a few times so I expect that FireCore are working on this.

i’d like that as well!

That would be a nice update.

that is possible with XBMC, why focus so much on making yet another mediaplayer do what XBMC do already, even if firecore works on their player for 10 years it will never be the same since the whole world is developing for XBMC (and has done that for ages), and only 1 company’s staff on firecores player.

just my oppinion :wink:


just curious, im qui unfamiliar with xbmc… what more does it do than media player?