Multiple ATV's --> sharing metadata


I happen to own two apple tv’s: One in the living room, one in the bedroom. I think it would be very handy to share metadata for the Media player between the two:


  • Watched / Partly watched / not Watched


The idea would be this: You start watching something on ATV 1; stop it, and continue watching were you left of on ATV 2.


Could be implemented by storing metadata with the media file on the shared volume (access permissions?)

or possibly by having a shared metadata table/db directly between the two ATVs



It’s a great idea, and something we’re planning to look into for a future version.

Do you have an ETA on that feature? I have 2 atv’s too and I would really like to see that implemented

I could also see this come in handy, when and if an remote for the flash comes out, then you would be able to have an Ipad mounted on the wall controlling all ATVs and what they should be playing.

Lets say I stand in front of the Ipad, and want to start a kids movie in the kids room, and another movie in the living room, Then i simply select the movies and tells it where to be played, that would be so awsome…


Looking forward to that implementation. :wink: