Multiple ATVs (Black) - Common Network HDD

I’d like to add additional ATVs (Black) for other TVs in our house and use the current HDD (containing ripped DVDs) connected to my Apple Extreme.  Does anyone have experience watching two different movies at the same time on separate ATVs with the movies on the same HDD?  Is there a performance penalty?  Other problems?  Alternate suggestions/solutions?


I am running 3 ATV’s off a 3TB HD and an extreme router.  I haven’t noticed any problems but I will trying running different movies in different rooms at the same time.  I will let you know.

Thanks!  Much appreciated.  Look forward to your results.

I finally tested them.  I had 3 ATV’s running at the same time from my Apple Extreme Router with a single 3TB HD attached via USB.  I ran three different video types from two different folders and 1 sub-folder.  Two movies and one TV show.  I saw no noticeable effects on each ATV.  The only thing a forgot to do was try and run the same movie at the same time on 2 ATV’s.  They all seemed to run just fine.    

There shouldn’t be any difference between running the same movie on two ATVs at the same time, and two different movies.  In fact, the same movie run on two ATVs should be easier for the drive since the head would have to move less to cycle within the same movie than across two.