Multiple Apple TV setup

I just got a second Apple TV. Is there an easy way to set up the device so that both will have the same folder structure, etc.

I am currently running Plex on a synology 918+. Do I just log into Plex on the new Apple TV (tried this but the favorite folders didn’t seem to sync). I also logged into iCloud sync but I’m not exactly sure what that is syncing?


This may help shed some light on what’s synced in icloud and how to take advantage of it.

Thanks. I have read that article and from what I can tell allowing iCloud sync should set up the network shares and favorites. This “should” have each Apple TV mirrored. Since I use Plex backend it should take care of watched/Unwatched so should not need trakt.

However when I set it up the network shares have not seemed to sync across and does not seem like iCloud sync is working. Any suggestions?

I’ve bought now a few Apple TVs for the house because my testing of Infuse in the living room has been very successful (with a few desires upgrades needed to fully replace Plex Cloud that will hopefully be implemented with Infuse 6) but I am finding it difficult to keep them all upadted.
Right now the only way I can do this effectively is by opening Infuse and scanning library changes from my Google Drive. This takes both times and regular manual effort that I don’t want to be doing if possible.
I thought that iCloud sync could be the solution but it didn’t appear to replace the need of initiating manual scans to update the libraries.
Primarily I want to know if Infuse 6 has a solution for this because then I’m happy to wait for that update bit of not then I want to figure out a usable solution to my predicament.

The upcoming Infuse 6 release will include a totally revamped iCloud integration, which will allow content indexed on one device to be available quickly on other devices without the need to index the same files. We feel this will greatly improve the speed and reliability at which Infuse is able to keep multiple devices in sync.

Additionally, if you’re using Google Drive, the upcoming 5.9.2 release will include some pretty dramatic improvements that will speed up browsing/indexing.

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Hello James,

What if 2 Apple TVs on different places have access to the same content but on his own local NAS?

Is it possible (and how) to keep the indexation and more over the description of the movies library?

Thanks in advance for your answer,

If you are using the same iCloud ID, Infuse would be able to keep things like ratings and watched history in sync between devices.

These are stored based on the TMDb/TheTVDB title info, and will apply to multiple copies of the same file.