Multichannel audio in AVI causes audio delay

I like the UI of Infuse a lot.
But I have problems playing multichannel audio in AVI. It causes an audio delay.
My Setup:
Apple TV 4K
Denon X3000
Panasonic Plasma TV

Hope you can help us.

Thanks in advance,

Post media info for the video file and maybe upload a sample of the video file.

Posting the media info would help but don’t upload a sample to Firecore unless one of the developers asks. If you want to provide a sample via a link to a public cloud address or the likes that would be great.

Also probably most importantly, the version of Infuse you’re running and what tvOS would also be beneficial to figuring out what’s going on.

Usually audio delays end up being caused by the external equipment adding processing to the signal so that may also come into play figuring out what’s going on.

Additionally if it’s an avi it might be a weird codec or it might be a bad encode.

I just figured out that it’s the avi-file that is causing the problem and not Infuse!

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