Multible Useres connected to my shares - even if I stop the film or if I turn off the ATV2

Hi there!

Not sure where to put this question…

I have got an ATV2 with 4.3 Seas0npass, flasch(black), nitoTV and XBMC (both installed from the maintrance menu).

I have created a share in the media player options to connect to my Mac Book Pro (Lion 10.7.2) including user name and password.

After watching a film I wanted to shut down my MBP and got a warning that 7!!! users are still connected to my shares and they will loose connection if I shut down… I shut down my MBP directly!

I have enabled the AFP logging to see what is happening… I only can see the ATV2´s IP in the log…

Does flash(black) create multible connections to my shares (using media player)? Does flash(black) not close any opened connection correctly when closing the media player app?

I was in panic to became hacked… so I changed my password and created an other user that is allowed to connect to my films folder only… No change! Still 1 or more connection AFTER I finished watching a film and even AFTER shutting down my ATV2 by pulling the plug.

But the AFP log still only shows my ATV2 IP being connected to my shares…

What is wrong here?

Yesterday the second shocking moment: I had to shut down my iMac and got a warning that 1 user still is connected… :open_mouth: My MBP was shut down, my ATV2 was shut down and shouldn´t have any connection to my iMac since my films are on my MBP…


What the hell is going on?

Did someone hack me? Does flash(black) contain a trojan horse broadcasting my shares? Can´t explain what´s happening…


Just for information: My first password really was weak. ok! But the new one is a really complicated, secure one randomly generated by 1Password…



An easy way to tell is to just look at your router, it will tell you the IP and MAC address of every computer on your network.


Also from the terminal ifconfig will list all the IP’s and arp -a will list all the MAC addresses

Thank you! Will test that this evening.


I am using an Airport Extreme as Router (5th generation) and only found entries from my local network. But did not see any foreign IPs… My fear is that someone from the internet might be able to establish a connection to my shares without my knowledge…

Are you running the latest 0.9.2 version of Media Player, or an earlier version?

I am running the most current version (updated a couple of days ago).

But to be honest… I really don´t know if there are still MULTIBLE connections… I noticed that some time ago an now it´s just a “ritual” to reboot my MBP just after watching a film to get rid of that connections. klick klick klick … reboot…- faster with my SSD than disabling/enabling sharing

I am planing to watch a film in a few hours. Then I will check if there are still MULTIBLE connections or if there only is one resisting connection.

Ok, After watching that film, only one user is shown as connected. - But it stays connected even if I send my ATV2 to sleep or pull the plug… I gonna watch an other film this evening again and will see if then a second connected user appears.