Multi-Version Generated Collections (4K & non-4K)

NOTE: The following happens when browsing via the Library

A couple dozen of my movies have both a 4K and non-4K version of the same film. Some, such as Avatar, have been grouped together as a collection by Infuse. I kind of like this! The majority, like Argo, are not. Instead I have two listings for Argo (one is 4K and the other is 1080p) listed one after the other.

I don’t really care which way it works, I would just like it to work consistently throughout the library. I have no idea which is supposed to be the correct behavior of the app. Thoughts?

I can list which movies are and are not being grouped as collections under these circumstances if that would be helpful.

For a bit of background, Infuse relies on Collection info provided by TMDb. Some movies are part of a collection, but many are not.

For example, Avatar is part of the Avatar Collection - even though Avatar 2 hasn’t been released yet Avatar Collection — The Movie Database (TMDb) This means, Infuse would group 2 copies of Avatar into a collection. Movies like Argo are not part of any collection, so Infuse would not group these together.

Okay, that makes sense. Are there any plans to make 4K versions of files/films more apparent or obvious? Currently I can only tell via the codec info at the bottom of the screen below the plot.

We’re kicking around a few ideas.

We may end up adding some sort of HDR tag, or even a library filter to browse by resolution.


This is my setup. I currently have all my movies, full quality (SD/HD) for Apple TV, and then a lower quality I use for my iphone/ipad. I currently have to have these separated out because I don’t want to get items mixed up or see duplicates. Ideally, I would like to have the same library sources shared between the various devices and Infuse would automatically chose quality depending on the device without listing multiple items in the library.

My suggestion is also to enable manual grouping of the same movies. I have also for some movies 2 qualities and now I see the movies in the listings two times - it could be very easy to merge two movies into one and the be able to select the movie to play the same way as you can now select the sound. DS Video from Synology has this for years.

Any update on this? I still have several movies showing separate because one is 4k and one is 1080p. I know with Plex you can multiple versions.

Thank you!

This suggestion has been combined here Multiple versions of a movie Feel free to add your support there. :slight_smile:

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