It’s been nearly 8 years since the first post suggesting this, so there’s still hope… Also, as I mentioned before, this has always been one of the most requested features. It’s puzzling why the focus hasn’t shifted to this highly requested feature instead of less popular ones. If implementing it isn’t the intention, why ask for suggestions and have an upvote system? It seems pointless to have such a system if it serves no purpose.

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I think implementing this one might be difficult due to Apple’s tvOS leaving apps very little reservable space in persistent storage. Each user would presumably want their own libraries and settings and that would more than double the space Infuse would need to use (given additional overhead for managing the multiple profiles) and to date they’ve barely had enough space for a single user — library databases get erased all the time by iOS wherever it feels space is running short for users to install new apps apple wants to sell you.