Is there really no profile / account management so both my family members can have their own profile to keep track of what they watched, or am I blind?

I moved your post to a currently running thread requesting this feature.

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Also note that this suggestion is tagged as planned and is on the agenda for the developers. You can see what’s planned here.

is this feature really on the roadmap? I mean, it’s been like 6-7 years now :confused:

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Yeah, it would really be awesome to have a profile dedicated to my boys and their shows.

I’m beginning to lose hope that the feature will come. I have therefore cancelled Premium at the end of this year and will be switching to a different solution because this is a really important feature for me and I’ve been waiting too long for it.

HI There,

I have two Apple TV’s, one in the living and one in my HT.
Is there a way that both have their separate profile when launching Infuse?

Don’t want to have kids seeing horror stuff popping up in the living or me seeing in the HT kids suff etc. for example :slight_smile:

There is not yet any built-in support for multiple profiles; but if you don’t log in to any cloud backup services (iCloud, Trakt, new AWS) on the kids’ AppleTV, you can set it up to work with a separate set of shared folders from yours, and/or setup their Infuse Home Screen pinned items differently.

I have also lost hope. What alternative solution or app did you settle on?

Apart from using Plex none. I have seen a release roadmap and it is on their forecast but it would be very helpful to have as I also have kids and don’t want their content messing up my library.


Has there been any comments on the architecture being proposed? Will this be based on Plex access, JellyFin access? iCloud where users would switch their iCloud profile? Or separately managed profile/access within the application? Thanks!

I hope its Plex access.

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Wrong suggestion thread. For Plex user support. :wink:

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Yeah. Subscriber too as i’m trying to move off Plex to Jellyfin, and this client is very good.

Sadly, for me - multi-profile on AppleTV is vital, and i’ll be cancelling my subscription until it’s present as the software isn’t really usable for me. I do prefer the interface over the alternatives and would be back in a flash if we could have multiple profiles.

For my use case: it’d be ideal if each profile inside Infuse (on the AppleTV, not sure if i’d need it on my other devices) connected to an individual Jellyfin profile. I’m not sure about the utility of the actual Appletv profiles, but it would, admittedly be handy if the default profile inside infuse was gotten from there (the big one for us though is we also have shows we watch with other people so we need more than just 2 profiles for the 2 apple users here)


I have a concern that has been bothering me for a while, and maybe something like this can be implemented.I would like to have the option to create multiple profiles on Infuse. My parents and I all use the same Apple TV, but we can never watch the same series at the same time. This wouldn’t be a problem with additional profiles. Perhaps this feature could be offered as an optional subscription where you have to pay a small additional fee. This would allow us to enjoy content independently. Ps. Infuse is :heart::popcorn::movie_camera:

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I moved your post to a currently running suggestion thread requesting this feature.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:


@james This issue used to be on your roadmap. What happened?

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It’s still tagged as planned. Things had to be moved around to be more realistic with recent changes adding to the schedule.

If a item was show as planned for an 8.X.X release that could still be valid if it went to 8.9.9 so it could still have been a long way out. It seems the dev is getting back to a more short term roadmap with better insight.

You can kinda do this now - if you add each Jellyfin / Emby user as a separate ‘share’ in Infuse, turn off Infuse’s ‘Continue Watching’, then set up your Infuse homescreen so you have each user’s ‘Next Up’ displayed.

It’s not as elegant as actually having user-switching functionality built-in, as you’re all sharing one Home Screen, but it does allow several users to all have their own libraries, watch history, and Next Up.

I think my kids are going to be out of the house before this feature is implemented :rofl:


This is the way I do it also. Easy to set up and works perfectly

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