First let me say how great Infuse on the Apple TV is and that it is a real pleasure having a media player App like that.
The only thing missing for me is to have the possiibility to create multiple users. Would like to use the Library like one for me and my wife and one library for kids. If that could be implemented or at least the possibility to set a pin code on settings and the favourites, that would already do it perfectly if it is easier to implement.


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Thanks for the suggestion.

This is something we’ve thought about, and will probably look into for a future update.


Great to hear that. An option to hide the edit button should be there then to :slight_smile:

Any news on this? I have having an app just for the kids and use Infuse for me.

Just realized that my reply was 6 years later. :unamused:

I moved your post (and the rest of the thread you replied to) to a currently running thread in the Suggestions forum.

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+1 I need this to have a special library for my kids. The horror movies are not doing them any good. :slight_smile:

+1, one of many highly requested features that has yet to be added.
Wiill check back in 10 years to see if its added.


Maybe that’ll be enough votes to get this to happen?

Liking the first post is the way to vote for a feature.

+1 I need this to have a special library for my kids!!

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Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

+1 again…

As presented in Support multiple users in your tvOS app - WWDC20 - Videos - Apple Developer the Infuse app could provide multiple-user support on tvOS 14 and above without any code changes by enabling the “Run as Current User” entitlement in Xcode. Each user setup on an Apple TV device would use his/her own credentials and iCloud sync data. Perfect if you are already using Infuse on macOS or iOS because view data etc. is in sync.

The newer SDK features added in tvOS 16 which were presented at Support multiple users in tvOS apps - WWDC22 - Videos - Apple Developer are not needed. So maybe you could provide a TestFlight version with the “Run as Current User” entitlement enabled and collect feedback from Beta testers. I would really like to test it.


FYI if you use something like jellyfin/Plex for a backend for metadata you can make the user there and just limit those files.

I find this a nice workaround since I like having a separate app to pull metadata anyways.

Hello @james,

any news regarding this topic?

Multi User would be awesome for the Apple TV.

Right now 7.5 is consuming all the time introducing support for two of the top three requests that are 4+ years old. Im guessing that there will be several versions (7.5.X) to work on any issues that come up. Perhaps after that we will see support for another major feature. You can follow the thread tag or upcoming features. Besides that, I don’t expect any update from infuse team until they are actively working in the feature. I expect this to be the same for any other thread right now. Upcoming Features (updated 2/20/23)

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From all the suggestions that haven’t been integrated yet, this is the second most liked one. But still, priority is being given to less liked suggestions so what is the point of all the users in this forum to like a suggestion/request if it’s not taken into account for planning the next additions to the app?

I understand developing an app like this it is not easy but examples have been given in this thread where to find the code to implement this feature, examples of other apps using this feature, etc.

The community in this forum is clearly giving an indication this is the priority for them. Maybe this is a good time to listen to their feedback. They are the ones who you develop the app to.

Sorry for the rant and thank you.

Hence both trailers and multiple versions of movies, both which have been voted for more than user profiles. Don’t get me wrong I will NEVER use trailers and whilst there is no user profiles I can never move away from Plex completely so I want user profiles as much as you.
But your statement doesn’t stack up.

Is there a particular reason why this isn’t really looked at for so long? It feels like a pretty obvious feature that is missing, that many users would benefit from. It‘s the main reason why i can’t fully switch to Infuse :frowning:

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Please get to this before 2024.

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