First let me say how great Infuse on the Apple TV is and that it is a real pleasure having a media player App like that.
The only thing missing for me is to have the possiibility to create multiple users. Would like to use the Library like one for me and my wife and one library for kids. If that could be implemented or at least the possibility to set a pin code on settings and the favourites, that would already do it perfectly if it is easier to implement.


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Thanks for the suggestion.

This is something we’ve thought about, and will probably look into for a future update.

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Great to hear that. An option to hide the edit button should be there then to :slight_smile:

Any news on this? I have having an app just for the kids and use Infuse for me.

Just realized that my reply was 6 years later. :unamused:

I moved your post (and the rest of the thread you replied to) to a currently running thread in the Suggestions forum.

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