I will need this when I get married and have kids :slight_smile:

I wonder which will happen first, me getting hitched or infuse finally add this feature. :crazy_face:


Please add multi users option already, for tvOS it’s a must have feature

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Indeed !

Each user should have their own profile. It’s very convenient for Plex, Jellyfin, etc.

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Another vote for multi user support.

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Are there plans to have a profiles feature in Infuse? It would be nice if Infuse could track watched and unwatched shows and movies for each member of the family, such as Netflix does.



I agree. This will be a cool feature

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Hello, IPTVX allows multi collections / profiles, supports AppleTV multi profiles, and also offers a family subscription.
It runs on AppleTV, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) and Mac with M1+ chip.

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I also use IPTVX (not an app for Plex/Jellyfin/Emby. It’s just an app for IPTV) and it works great with multi user profiles. Every user has their settings backed up to iCloud and they are synced to every device they use.

Bump. I tried IPTVX, but it doesn’t have native Plex/Jellyfin/Emby support.

Please bring multi-user accounts to Infuse!

Here’s a tweet from 2018 from Firecore/Infuse about support, still nothing.

Sorry for the confusion. IPTVX is an app for IPTV and not for Plex/Jellyfin/Emby. It was just mentioned due to its support for multi user profiles.

I thought even that this was SPAM. IPTVX has absolutely nothing to do with infuse, completely two different apps for completely different purposes

True, I thought it was spam too, but I gave IPTVX a shot. and It seems okay, allowing for connection to your SMB server, but the media/metadata quality doesn’t compare to Plex/Emby/Jellyfin.

Fingers crossed we see Multi-User in Infuse one day, this is a major hurdle in helping my family compartmentalize their content.

Hi all,

It seems like tvOS 16 added multi users support for 3rd party apps as you can see here Support multiple users in tvOS apps - WWDC22 - Videos - Apple Developer.

Is there any plan to make this available for Infuse in the future ? As everything seems to be handled straight off the box by the Apple TV.


Hi all,

Is there any update on Multi User profiles for Infuse?

Infuse now has custom collections. So now the only reason I have a Plex connection is to have multi users.

Please help me save the planet by not having to run a separate server just to keep my kids “now watching” seperate from mine lol.

So TVOS 16 is released and one of the features is the ability to add multiple users and switch between them on the fly. So any chance Infuse could leverage of this to allow each user to have their own library as we don’t seem to have traction on the other requests for multi-user support


Hi. My subscription is up for renewal in a month and I need to know if it should be renewed or not. A game changer for me is the lack of multi users / profiles on the Infuse app. We are a family, each with their own devices who watch their OWN shows from a central source. As such we would “like” to have our own “Continue watching, watched etc.”.

So my question is:

As it has been almost 6 years since this request was made and it doesn’t appear to have found any traction, should I assume it is a non-starter and cancel the subscription in favour of a one-time activation of Plex for IOS? (It is also cheaper and I don’t need the Plex Pass features - Just the managed accounts).

Please note I love Infuse as a player on my ATV but waiting for 6 years for a much requested feature is getting a bit much.


I like to throw in my vote for this feature. This is the one missing major feature for me with Infuse.

I’d be happy with just simple multi-profile support linked to a single account where only the watch history of the main profile is synced back to Plex, Emby or Jellyfin and all settings are shared.

I’ve been asking for this for years now, to no avail. Maybe they’ll hear us now.

It should be quite “simple”, let’s say, easier, as TVOS 16 is now supporting different data for different users.

If you code is on Github, I can make a pull request. :wink: Joking.

Don’t forget to like the first post guys if you want this to happen.