Any updates on this, getting quite sick of removing Sex and the City from my Trakt history.

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This is on the planned list:

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In the multi user support you are planning, will you include the ability to switch between Plex users?

Use case: wife wants to keep track of what she has watched or not, separated from what I watch (one of us may be in advance or late on some shows for instance)

Apple TV allow us to have multiple user accounts. Would it be possible to assign a trakt account to each user? Is that something that can be done?


I would like to suggest having a possibility to have different profiles for different members of the family.

All settings, library,. favourites etc

I think this would be extremely useful in most households.

Thank you in advance,


I moved your post to a currently running suggestion for this feature, make sure you like the first post to show your support. :wink:

Also meant to mention that you can see what new features are on the radar here

Multi user is in the “Planned” section. :smile:

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Thank you for your help

Really need this feature for my family.

Don’t forget to like the first post in the thread to show your support. :wink:

Hi. I see this feature is still in the planned section. Any chance of bumping it up?
I would really like to get rid of all the kids movies in the now watching section hehe (they never watch a movie till the end).

Will this also include separate libraries per user when (if) implemented?


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All is in the title !

Sorry I do not speak good English but it would be nice to have the possibility to create several profile in order to separate the progressions of views of each user. You know? :slight_smile:

Allow for several user acounts.
Main reason would be to scrobble stats to the correct user.
If we are several family members all watching the same tv show, but separately. Each family member wish their own watch-stats.
Compare to Netflix…

You could expand this concept to limit a user to some content, like Kids acount and password protected adult acounts, that is not my main concern though.

It seems something like this may be coming in tvOS 11…

This seem to be for the complete apple TV. That might be a solution.

I would like to have a common setup for my library and those settings. But separate the scrobbling per user, also allow for separate Trakt accounts.
I think this must be a function in the app, or at least the app need to support a muti-user environment.

Coming from using Plex on my media systems to Infuse on Apple, it would be good if the following were implemented

  1. Profiles with abilities to set user content ratings, pins, watchlists, etc
  2. ExtendedInfo for movies and tv shows, ie when view a movie details it shows other movies in the set, similar movies, details about the cast

Yes it’s been years and they still haven’t done this

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Yeah this is getting annoying. They keep posting that’s it’s “planned” but never happens

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You may want to like the first post in the thread to show your support.

It’s been done plenty of times already.

Will Infuse Pro ever support usernames like Emby has ? Guessing not.

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