Multi-user support, when is it going to happen?!

i recently subscribed to infused, was hoping I will get what i am looking for and i did get it partially, which is the buffering from PLEX player (yes it is way better, i get some buffer, but not as how it is with the plex player). but then the serious issue comes, multi user profiles. i could not get my profiles in PLEX synced, there are some content that are for my kids only and some from the older people, after re-searching, i found suggestion going back to 2017 (i did not want to go aby further) about the multi user profiles, and YTD we are still with planned, so is this really going to happen? how difficult it is to be done that infuse could not do it till date!!!

it was supposed to be early 2019 (as below):

and it is planned [Upcoming Features (updated 5/25/20)]

so the question is when??

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