Multi Plex users and background blur

I know that infuse has been talking about this feature for a couple years now and people have been requesting it.

Will multiple Plex users ever be added?
Also I wish we could see our background artwork instead of them being completely blurred out on Apple TV.,

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There’s already a currently running thread regarding the background blur here

Make sure to like the first post to add your support there.

Also, multiple user support is listed in the upcoming features under planned here

Unfortunately, both requests don’t seem like they are coming at all. The background has no officially response at all. And the multi user support has been promised for over two years but is still being ignored by the devs

You can also add your support to the multi user suggestion that is currently running here by liking the first post.

I know some features take a while so hang in there. :smile:

Make sure to support both threads. :wink:

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