Multi-languages Metadata

Presently language preference of Metadata is a pre-setting, and only one language can be selected/downloaded/displayed.

Can I suggest to allow to download at least 2 languages for metadata, in movie details page, a ‘language’ button to switch Metadata language if more than one language are downloaded already? This is useful for those non-English movies, their English translations sometimes are quite hard to understand, it is better to read the title/description/artist names in their native language.


This is already possible today, with the following workaround:

  • set the metadata language to the one that you use most (in my case English)
  • download all metadata for all media items
  • after the download is done for all media items, set the metadata language to your alternative one (in my case German)
  • reload metadata for those media items that you would like to have in the alternative language via the context menu of each media item. This is a lengthy procedure as it has to be done manually for each media item. But it works.
  • reset the metadata language back to your main one.

This method worked already for Infuse for aTV2, and I hope it will persist for future versions (or even be replaced by an easier method).


that’s not what i am looking for, i don’t want to change metadata language, i prefer english, but i am looking for a button to toggle title/poster/plot/cast between english and other downloaded languages.

And what good is this please?
I speak Czech and metadata loading for the Czech.
Metadata english in my case are useless to me (though I can not english).

Maybe not useful for you but it makes sense to others, specially when someone needs to temporarily read plot in another language on a particular movie.

This is exactly what you would get, when you followed my proposal.
What is the difference? Sorry, I don’t get it. :wink:


There is no “Refresh” option from any context menu, I can only Edit meta data, choose the same title again from the list and force it to re-download new meta data, if that’s what you meant, that’s what I am looking for.

  1. too many steps, not easy for elderly people to remember the steps
  2. new downloaded meta data will overwrite english one, I can’t switch it back unless I do the same again by firstly changing default language to english
  3. if I don’t change default language to english, then all new movies will be fetched by other language.