Multi-Language Metadata

Currently, there is a metadata language setting but it is global and so it applies to all media in Infuse. However, I’ll like to request a secondary metadata language setting that can be applied on individual media file. So, this will serves as an override of the metadata language for each media file. I understand that this feature may not be required by everyone but it is very useful for Infuse users living in Asia (like myself). Here we watch tv and movies from all around the world and all languages - I alone watched US (English), Japan (Japanese), Korea (Korean), Hong Kong (Cantonese) and China (Mandarin). So, it is very appreciated if I can see the metadata in the language of the media. I suspect most users in US only watches English programs so this feature may not appear to be important to them. But I assure you that there are also plenty users like me who will welcome this feature.

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