Multi-file support for movies/tv episodes


i’ve currently the following problem. I’ve got a TV show lying around that usually aired 20 minute episodes. But there are special episodes that were actually twice as long, and thus aired in two parts, each being 20 minutes in length. TheTVDB however lists those episodes as one episode only. I didn’t try it yet, but i’d expect Infuse to mess my collection up that way. Yeah, I could cut them together with any video editing software, but call me Pedantic, my episodes are stored in AVI containers and I don’t want to have 3 or 4 large episodes in a different format than the other 50 episodes, and I don’t know any tool that allows me to edit AVI files and save in the same format as the source material, including whatever format is stored within the AVI container.
It therefore would be nice to have multi-file support. Since Infuse already supports some Kodi-like features, maybe orientate upon the way Kodi is doing things?
I guess the multiple files for one long episode part is easier to do than the multiple episodes in one large file part, since you’d need time markers to know when a new episode starts.
Any feedback on this? Does anyone else require a feature like this?
Best Regards.

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