Multi-file movie support

Still waiting…

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I think we will wait for this forever.

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Request support for multi file movies. Like the way that plex does it. Make a folder with the name of the movie and put the 2 or more files in the folder with the movie name and part x as the file name. (e.g. Ben Hur part 1.mkv; Ben Hur part 2.mkv)

This is on our wishlist for a future update. :slight_smile:


i’ve currently the following problem. I’ve got a TV show lying around that usually aired 20 minute episodes. But there are special episodes that were actually twice as long, and thus aired in two parts, each being 20 minutes in length. TheTVDB however lists those episodes as one episode only. I didn’t try it yet, but i’d expect Infuse to mess my collection up that way. Yeah, I could cut them together with any video editing software, but call me Pedantic, my episodes are stored in AVI containers and I don’t want to have 3 or 4 large episodes in a different format than the other 50 episodes, and I don’t know any tool that allows me to edit AVI files and save in the same format as the source material, including whatever format is stored within the AVI container.
It therefore would be nice to have multi-file support. Since Infuse already supports some Kodi-like features, maybe orientate upon the way Kodi is doing things?
I guess the multiple files for one long episode part is easier to do than the multiple episodes in one large file part, since you’d need time markers to know when a new episode starts.
Any feedback on this? Does anyone else require a feature like this?
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Use a modern media container that is quick to use. Drag all your files in and mux one MKV. You can edit descriptions everything in the container. The video parts will be visible in Infuse to choose from.

is it possible to get multi file support added, i have a couple of movies on my plex server that are split across 2 files, but infuse only reads the first one

Can you merge them together with mkvtoolnix?

I think it would be great to extend the naming convention in order to support multi-part movies.
This is useful for old libraries with CD1/CD2 splitted movies.

When implemented the library will show multi-part movies as a single one.
During playback when CD1 file is finished CD2 file is played automatically.

An example:

/The Dark Knight (2008)
The Dark Knight (2008) - pt1.mp4
The Dark Knight (2008) - pt2.mp4

Plex implementation of this feature:

I would recommend just merging the two parts together into one part. Use something like mkvtoolnix.

Thanks, I think is a good alternative solution.
But it would be great if this feature would be supported directly by Infuse.

I also posted in the main forum, didn’t see this one.
+1 for Stacking movies. Cleopatra Being one comes on two blu-ray disks.
I have them tagged like the Dark Knight is tagged above.

I can’t really find out if this has been answered or not in recent history…

Will Infuse support stacked movie files in future?

For instance:


I find it too cumbersome to edit the two files ending up with one combined file…(maybe I lack the right tools, I don’t know…)


It’s on our wishlist, but we don’t have an ETA available right now.

In the meantime, you an use an app like MKVtools, MP4tools, or AVItools to join files relatively easily.

Need support for multipart movies.

say you have movies with the following names


now in the app they are treated as four seperated movies. but there are only two diffrent movies…

It would be really good for some older movies.

It would be great if Infuse could detect when a DVD folder consists of multiple ISOs/disks, and handle both as a single entry. Right now it displays the same movie file twice with different times. For instance, 47 Samurai (1962) which is spread across 2 ISO files from 2 disks appears twice, with one 117 min entry and one 91 min entry, with nothing else to indicate which is part 1 and which is part 2. It should just display one entry and seamlessly continue to the second disk during playback.



This is a very old request I made over 4 years ago: Multi-Disk DVD RIps - #4 by NC_Bullseye

I’ve many “special/extended edition” sets that need to just be grouped together to avoid redundancy. Each is from a DVD with embedded chapters, so we don’t want to lose those. With a flatter design in mind, I worked this simple example up:

Using your header as a guide, I’m suggesting this (see image attachment):

  • (example; Return of the King) A transparent marker on the bottom marking the number of disks for the single movie
  • (example: Fellowship of the Ring) When hovered over, the circle expands to the (1|2) graphic, so you can see what's been viewed
  • When selected (not shown) you get a dimmed screen asking which disk to start, with the (1|2) letting you to swipe left or right to select the correct disk image and it begins as normal (resume, start disk)

It’s really straightforward, but it would let us manage multiple-disk movies more efficiently.


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I am a pro user.

I have the blueray collections to have multiple movies contained in one same file. I also have a movie seperated in two disks.

I want to be able to organise these files in the database to ether consolidate or to seperate them.

Please add this function.