Multi-file movie support

As the title says, these 2 suggestions would make Infuse more complete as far as Plex integration, especially the multi-file movies. Please add these to future Infuse updates.


Multi-file movie support is really important. Without it, certain films cannot be fully watched.

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@james, is there any update for multi-file support?

I’m sure you know already but if you don’t here’s their roadmap

Yes I’ve seen that. Just asking for an update since multi-file support is not listed in that post.

Hoping @james can chime in here and give an eta for multi-part movie support. Its not listed in the Upcoming Features thread. Any update?

So just got the update and STILL no support for multi-part movies! How can this app not have a basic feature like this? I’ve asked multiple times for and eta since it’s not listed in the “Upcoming Features” post at the top of this forum. Is this even on the radar to be implemented? If not, I’ll just stick with my Shield since it already does everything I want/need and cancel my subscription. @james, anything??

Again @james, any update on multi-file support? Would be cool to at least get some kind of feedback. You already included multi-versions, why not include multi-file? Please respond. I need to know so I can decide whether to keep supporting Infuse with my monthly subscription or not.

There are some great features in the pipeline. But without support for multi-file movie it is only possible to watch the first 50% of certain items.

Whilst seamlessly joining files together during playback would be ideal, simply allowing the two or more files to be selected and played would be sufficient.

@james, anything?

Which one are you checking on? Collections or multi part movies?

If it’s the movies are you referring to movies that were multi part on TV or ones that used to be put on multiple DVD disks?

With two different requests it’s a bit confusing and may hinder them getting support since some people may want one but not the other.

Either would be cool, but I’m more concerned about multi-file movies, movies that are put on multiple discs (Lord of the Rings Extended versions for instance). Infuse is awesome on the ATV, but without that feature it’s a pain to watch specific movies. I can always resort to using my Shield TV, which is fine, but that means I have to move it out of my room and into my living room if I want to watch it on my surround sound system.

Any way you can forward this on to @james since I’ve yet to get any response? MrMC supports this feature so I don’t see how it could be that difficult to add. If it won’t be added, I’ll just ditch Infuse and use MrMC.

How is support for multi-file movies progressing for Infuse? A recent update to the Plex App on TVOS has seen multi-file movies supported. (The Plex App has also seen better playback of media files directly on the Apple TV without transcoding.)

Just to be that guy, but couldn’t you just merge the files together, or upgrade the movies? The last time multi-part files were popular was when DVD rips were a thing, and that was like 700MB years ago. If you don’t have a lot, maybe consider auditing your library for movies like this. I had a couple dozen like this that I acquired during the Pleistocene era, but eventually donated them to the Smithsonian and acquired new ones.

Support for multiple files was flagged in December as being on the map for Infuse 6.

If you have, say, The History Of Iron Maiden parts 1, 2 & 3 from various DVD releases, it makes sense to retain them as separate files whilst having the option to play them consecutively if desired.

LotR are the only ones I had on multiple discs. Just used mkvtoolnix to merge them together. Plays fine.

Any Solution for Movies with 2 Discs like LOTR Triology and etc., Is there a way to merge them to one file in infuse.I dont want to rip them and combine them.Thanks

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Not at this time but you can add your support for this thread that I moved your post to by clicking on the like button of the first post. :wink:

I’m still waiting for this as well.