Multi-Episode File Naming?

One more vote for this feature; we’re using FireCore for accessing ISOs of our DVD/blu-rays and we have all the ISO-related cases:

  • TV episodes (of course)
  • movies split across multiple discs
  • secondary DVD blu-ray discs with special features

I’d be fine with a solution which would require customizing xml metadata outside of the app - a UI for crafting these would be nice but obv a significant time investment for an edge case.

I believe plex has this fixed, but seems to be an issue with infuse. Ex: kids shows such as paw patrol or puppy dog pals are 2 part episodes in 1 file. If you label the file S01E01E02, metadata will pull for each title. Played in plex, once the episode finishes, it will automatically mark episode 1 and 2 as watched and continue to play episode 3 (correct). In infuse, it will auto start “episode 2”, replaying the entire file from the beginning again. Is there any other workaround or something in the options I’m missing? Much appreciated.

  • connected plex to infuse as media server

Infuse currently does not support this but I moved your post to the currently running thread for this suggestion and you can “Like” the first post in this thread to show your support. :wink:

Thanks, liked, and hoping for future support

+1 for support, my unfortunate workaround was to rename my episodes to start 01, 03, 05, etc. Haven’t spent the time to update the file titles in plex to include the 2nd story title.