Multi-Episode File Naming?

Multi-Episodes : S01E01E02E03 (Season : S01… Episode : E01,E02,E03)

Works best for me anyhoo, really not that important if resume works for me… important that the episodes are fetched properly imo :slight_smile:

That Actually did work but then it only had the first episode’s name for example it was S01E23E24 so the episode added was S01E23

yea, that’s the downside of having multi-episodes :pensive:

I have some Friends episodes that are 2 episodes in a single file and currently infuse just misses the 2nd one out when listing the episodes. I have tried them named like this ‘Friends - S01E16 E17.m4v’ and like this ‘Friends - S01E16-E17.m4v’ but Episode 17 just isn’t listed :frowning:

It appears that Plex and XBMC have a good way of dealing with this situation but not Infuse or am I missing something?

This is how Plex and XBMC do it:


+1 for this feature. So annoying and there is a lot of shows actually that start or end a season with double episodes.

This is on our radar to look into for a future update.

Same: +1 for this feature. :slight_smile:

Will be great if it will support all kind of naming conventions, like:


Hi, was this feature ever implemented? I’ve a number of TV movies that were originally several episodes but have been combined into a single file. Infuse won’t find the correct metadata for this if I don’t include the series/episode detail in the filename but if I do it only thinks it’s the first episode.

There is a thread running in the Suggestions forum you can add your support to here Multi-Episode File Naming?

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2021 and this still isn’t available wow! ive got loads of files ive had to rename cause infuse cant do this as other media players can

Hi !

I have a TV Show that has 2 episodes (following the official classification) merged in a single episode on the BluRay (1x01 & 1x02 in one 90mins video instead of 2 x45mins).

I used to name this “large” episode “TVShow 1x01-1x02.mkv” but the latest 7.X version doesn’t recognize this episode.

Anyone can help ?


Infuse currently doesn’t support this but I moved your post to a currently running suggestion thread for this feature. Note it is currently tagged as “Planned”.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in this thread to show your support for this suggestion! :wink:

Thanks for that !! (like on 1st post done !)

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Remember to STAY POSITIVE like NC_Bullseye does though! It’s only been a mere 6 years since the original request, and I estimate only another 6 years to go until it changes from ‘Planned’ to ‘Postponed’. Not wait. I mean ‘Possibly Planned’, no sorry I mean ‘We built a MAC version before getting this one the best it could be, so now there’s definitely no resource’ or even ‘I read the request, what more do you want’. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You’d be best requesting the source code and trying to write the change yourself and then submitting it to James to review. Even if you can’t code, I bet you’d be close to knowing how to in the time it’ll take to wait…

I know all of that sounds maybe a little too snarky, but let’s be honest - the Suggestions section is kind of a joke when you look at all of the top like Suggestions. It’s not user based or user driven - it’s picking the easy wins no matter how few likes they get.

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I have a feeling that several items like this will not get implemented until after the switch to TMDb to prevent any fallout from changing metadata behavior. It’s important to continue adding features to increase user base, like adding the Mac app, but that does increase number of requests as well.

You’re spot on. Until someone says more than 5 people ask for it they don’t add anything like trailers, background music I can’t believe I’m still paying a subscription to be honest

This is something we are planning to integrate in an upcoming version (the tag on this thread was recently changed to ‘Planned’).

As @munpip214 mentioned, TV show fetching is getting revamped in the upcoming 7.1 release and these changes will allow for additional flexibility for additions like this one, as well as things like alternate sort orders and actor artwork.


@james Sounds awesome! Please do consider it for a 7.2.1 update. :wink:

Cheers and keep up the good work!

Is 7.1 supposed to solve the problem with Multi episode files?

Nope, it’s showing “Planned” so you can keep an eye out for when here

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