Multi-Episode File Naming ?


I’ve ran into a issue with infuse not recognizing multi-episode in one file. Is this setting not available ?

I used xbmc (kodi) and it’s fairly easy how they set it up.

From xbmc (kodi) wiki page :

In cases where your file contains more than one episode, you can specify all the episodes included. Everything after the first found pattern match will be checked for further matches to the same pattern.
Examples :


my file : Luther.S01E01.S01E02.Blu-Ray Disc.1080p.DTS-MA 5.1.x264.dxva.Episode 1.Episode 2.mkv

Basically I did the 3rd option on the multi-episode list above.


Can infuse do this ?

Thank you


thank you

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This isn’t supported right now, but is something we’re hoping to add in the future.

Any change about this?

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I’m also much interested in support for this.

Currently using the naming style “S01E11+12 - Name of Episode” which Infuse interprets as episode 11.

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anything on this in current version, I have this issue with a lot of cartoon series such as Super Friends, etc

Not yet, as these require special handling. We’re also looking to support multi-part videos (E.G. Lord of the Rings Extended) as well.

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I would love this feature as well… Waiting patiently :wink:


I’m also waiting for this feature. There are a couple of episodes in season 6 of Parks and Recreation that I need it for.


Hi, I would also like to see this, any progress over the last couple of years?

Any progress on this feature? Waiting patiently


Any news on this one:
-Multi file Episodes

  • Multi Episodes in one file
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Lots of posts for this feature and I bet even more people who won’t post that also want it. Very strange this isn’t a priority for the team to implement this feature :frowning:

Any news about this request?

to handle this IMHO the files should be named in a specific way, esp. not with lots of variation. The system must be able to identify the element of the filename which name the episode. Plex for example here is very specific. With this logic I think this should be possible.
But also Plex mention “to get a better overall experience” to take splitting the file into consideration. Personally, I hate the multi-episode files and I don’t want it. Splitting is really pretty easy. On the other hand handle it like Plex shouldn’t be a real problem.

Will this feature also support ISO files with multiple episodes?

I am also wondering how this will be implemented because with single files consisting of multiple episodes the episodes cannot be played invidually, but what is desired by other users and myself is that all episodes descriptions are shown for each file. At least this is what I suppose. I don’t know Kodi, so I don’t know how it is handled there (I mean the information display, not the naming scheme).

Waiting for this feature too. Have lots of TV series in .dvdmedia files. Multiple episodes in one file. It is a bit confusing at the moment. Have to call each disk an episode.

It has been a year plus since the last comment. Any updates on this feature.