Multi-Disk DVD RIps

Hi James

Right now there seems to be one entry per film when Infuse does its thing, but if your movie is broken down into 2 DVDs, you’ll have two entries; two disks with the same artwork and metadata, and luckily individual chapter structures. You can’t merge them into one because you’ll lose the chapters, but Infuse still lists them at twi items. I guess people make subfolders for this and drop them in, but it seems like a less-than-beautiful solution, and given how much the app looks cleanly integrated into AppleTV, and how well it works, I’m going to guess Firecore cares about the details.

In future revisions, would you consider groupings? By groupings I mean perhaps adding a notation in the filename: 

  • BenHur.disk1.m4v
  • BenHur.disk2.m4v

so that when you view the listing, you’re not seeing 2 identically-named and visually similar items, but rather 1. And that song goes a-little like-a this:


  • The 2 items are grouped under 1 entry
  • The top entry has a numerican flag, denoting how many disks are in the group
  • There's a slight drop-shadow to the top image - which is horizontally compressed slightly, to allow a reduced dup image to appear behind in the same grid - and it visually adds a cue that there's more than 1 file to the group, should you miss the number

Then when selecting it, you’d automatically play the first disk, allowig all chapters to work in the file, then automatically run on into the second disk - much like a playlist, but on single-a movie-level. Leaving the group, you’d just re-enter where you left off - like you currently do, restarting a movie. If you want complete control, perhaps holding the SELECT button down allows you to jump to a specific disk. 

I think it’d be a nicer solution, and as you folks already have much of it in place, it might be a quick win. 

Anyway, a suggestion. I’d love to hear pros and cons on it. 

I like the look of this :slight_smile:

Ignore this - I’ll move it to the Infuse page

You may want to add your concerns here Better handling of multi-disc folders