Multi device audio on Mac

setting up the mac to use two midi devices at once (Play audio through multiple devices at once in Audio MIDI Setup on Mac - Apple Support)

infuse simply wont play it ,either stop working,or will play video without sound,or only in one device,super erratic

to make things clear im talking about watching a movie with two audio devices at once,for example bluetooth headphones+ 3.5mm headphones .or just 2 bluetooth headphones/earphones

what amazes me is that litterally every app works fine with this,like even simple and free players wont make issues,playing in safari,chrome is fine as well.iina,vlc ,movist ,movist pro,youtube music desktop…none are making it so hard

It looks like this isn’t supported right now, but it’s something we can look into.

Moving to suggestions.

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I’m part for the beta program so hopefully I’ll see it soon :slight_smile:

what I just don’t understand is why infuse has to interfere with that .

it doesn’t sound like a feature but more of a big to me.

macOS handles the sound and passes it to whichever devices the midi setup is set to ,infuse shouldn’t play a role in this.

unless you’re using some custom audio things as well

Multi device audio support has been added in Infuse 7.3.5.

However, there are a few caveats which seem to be related to macOS system bugs.

  • Set volume for each device before turning multi-device output on
  • The order in which outputs are activated in multi-device settings might matter
  • HomePod and AirPlay devices are not supported as an output option when using multi-device

so I’ve noticed !

oh yes,these can’t be fixed I think,it’s sth about master and slave devices

macOS related tho

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