Muahhh! Cant play podcasts since installed ATV flash black!


Since i installed atv black for 22€ i cant see the podcasts on appletv2.

After few seconds, atv shows an error message ‘a error… Please try again later’ WTF!!!
Thats on ALL podcasts!!!

I will payback my 22€ !!!

Which version of AppleTV software are you using?

Do you have the latest version of iTunes installed?


I use the appletv 4.4.3 firmware.

Why itunes? I have the problems with the podcast on the appletv. I can not see a complete Podcast. After few seconds i get the error message.

Are these podcasts streamed using Home Sharing or accessed through the Internet menu?

Are you using Overflow?

I make tomorrow 2 pictures, and paste this here.

I will use the default AppleTV Podcasts on the Appletv.

Greets chrisz