MrMc/Kodi vs Infuse

I just bought and installed MrMc (kodi) yesterday when it was released since I know XBMC/Kodi for a long time on other platforms. I am very disappointed that the UI and the controls are so dated. the interface is nothing like tvOS one. Touch control is jumpy and frustrated. beside playing back any movie format well, everything else is just out of place. someone from MrMc mentioned about Infuse.

well, after watching review youtube video and tried out the free version, I bought and installed Infuse. So far it is what I expected: smooth, tvOS like, limited but work with simplicity, apple style.

I was worried about stuttering issue that many people discussed in a big thread here. fortunately, I couldn’t notice any stuttering at all.

I have noticed some infrequent stuttering issues with certain files with Infuse Pro. Really can’t speak about MrMC, had a look at the appstore page for it yesterday, the screenshots turned me off a bit, hearing what you said I’m glad I chose to stick with Infuse for the moment.

I just submitted a refund request for MrMc. it is has a long way to go, and I don’t want to wait.

Ouch. I’ve never done a refund request before. It may be a bit on the not so pretty side right now, but for many people (anyone who isnt comfortable with Infuse) it still has to be better than permanently running a resource CPU intensive media server on network storage devices. I was checking out Plex (which looks very nice) but was convinced it’d burn out or hurt my NAS with the constant transcoding. That’s why I’ve been AirPlay mirroring with either nPlayer and Infuse Pro for ages, holding out for the ATV4 and Infuse to finally release :stuck_out_tongue: So happy now.

I have never requested a refund before either. Another user was not happy about it too and gave me the idea of refund. then on MrMc forum, the developer also told me to request for a refund. I was active on MrMc forum since it was released yesterday. I was event thinking that I would wait for improvement.

Just takes time I guess, my thinking is that really it’s just a good sign that we’re seeing all this competition appear so quickly. No matter what we may think of the UI’s or whatever, MrMC has today overtaken Infuse for the spot of 1. top paid app here. Clearly there is big demand. At five dollars cheaper it seems people are shopping around to get the best bang for their buck. I’m seeing so much bashing of the devs of different media players, Infuse included, which seems kinda unfair at this stage because it’s just so early on. Maybe it’s just that everyone is so eager to have everything ready for the holidays…

Before I bought Infuse I used nPlayer heavily which is really great and plays anything, but the UI isn’t too pretty, no metadata fetching, more like a standard file manager - actually still do use it on 16GB mobile devices (cant hold much metadata anyway) for video and FLAC music playback. I’m wondering how long it’ll be before they release on tvOS, because there has to be big dollars there.

I’ll give the people of MrMC a chance and see how it works soon, very soon.
It’s good that we can choose between all these options. The one app that works best and supports most wanted media files eventualy will be most bought.

Not really, it’s not a PC or Android. It has to LOOK GOOD as well, and MrMC is definitely ugly :wink:

MrMc UI and controls feel like from the 90’s. for example during playback, you bring up the OSD (on screen display menu), the OSD is full of icons (play, pause, stop, FF, audio context, etc). it covers bottom part of the screen and movie behind. why do we need all of these icons? why play/pause icon is there when you have a remote button? It was designed for a different platform, PC with a mouse.

after using other app like Netflix, youtube on tvOS, getting into MrMc feel like a complete different environment. it feel nothing like the new tvOS experience. The developer did not like the new Touch remote, and it shows. old apple remote works great, and the new touch remote is jumpy. it is frustrating to use. You can’t rev/ff to where you want. it jumps randomly.

another thing that I like about Infuse is when you set audio passthrough DTS/AC3, it passes DTS to the receiver to decode. then turning the bluetooth headphone, Infuse automatically changes to decode the audio itself. so you can still hear audio fine through the headphone. turning headphone off automatically changes back to passthrough.

On the other hand, turning on bluetooth headphone with passthrough setting on, MrMc would continue to pass DTS signal. you only hear static noice through the headphone. so To use headphone for Movie with DTS or AC3, you have to go to settings menu and turn off passthrough. it is very inconvenient.

XBMC has always looked like a dog’s dinner. So ugly.

Yes, navigation with the remote is horrible in Mrmc. I think the UI is okay, but it does need changes to make it more Apple-tv friendly.
For me it delivers much smoother playback, it also does DTS to AC3 transcoding on the fly which is good for me at the moment since i run sound through my tvs optical out (it only passes on DD 5.1). Also its not as picky as Infuse when it comes to folder names and structure and they are planning to implement .rar support in the future.
So ill keep my eyes on it, right now its pretty bad because of the remote issues though.

Today I played Ant Man movie. Infuse buffered at 12:35 min and it stuck there. the only way to pass that point is to fast forward.
MrMc plays the same movie at 12:35 min just fine. I also tried VLC on a PC and it plays without any problems.

Infuse has nice UI but playback is still buggy while MrMC has solid playback and horrible UI.

I have played Ant Man on my Infuse with out any issues. I have plenty of 1080P movies that have not given me any problems what so ever. Amazing how things can change based on individual setups

Do you mind describing how you were able to set MrMC up to access your content on your network? I use a Mac that my content is on. It doesn’t seem to be familiar to me as a Kodi user on that point.

No issues here either besides some infrequently stuttering on a couple video files. Everyone will be having wildly different problems, since there are just so so many factors that come into play when problems arise in any network, especially one where wireless technologies are involved. The layout of your home, the materials and thickness of the walls, interference, the position of the router (don’t put next to other devices on the same band/channel!), hardware firmware and software compatibility issues, conflicts with all the weird-and-whacky softwares and firewalls that home users either knowingly or obliviously install within their network. So many things to consider.

… incidentally, none of it would have been too intimidating or problematic for the kinds of people who configured DIY LAN streaming services in the past. They were the more tech-savvy customers comfortable with lengthy periods of troubleshooting without so much as glancing at other peoples forum posts for hints. The less-tech-savvy were still quite comfortably using DVD players. It’s just that now the barriers to adoption are so low everyone wants it. Consumer oriented Smart TVs and media streamers like WDTV made the tech-illiterate used to plugging in a USB to watch their own files quickly. Apple TV 4 doesn’t give them that simplicity, so this holidays millions of people will be impatiently browsing the App Store for whatever looks like a familiar “it just works” one-click no-thinky-thinky solution. We’re gonna see a whole bunch of disgruntled or enraged Apple users appear demanding answers why their home network is misbehaving, working each-other up into a frenzy, finally flinging shloop and chanting “we demand refunds”.

That’s great if you can stream your content which I can through Infuse, (no thanks from anyone as I had to learn for myself on how to configure sharing files from my Mac) but for MRMC, do you know how to get it set up through the network or will I have to figure that out myself as well? I’d like to see how much better (or worse) it is than Infuse. I can’t log into the MrMC forums either so this is the only way for now to get some help. Sorry Infuse. I have it too but with issues as well. This kind of thing is not for casual users I’d say. It’s too bad the developer has to rely solely on tech people to carry his work. Where is the FAQ for using Infuse Pro anyway?

Its the same as in Kodi so check the net for intructions how to add sources in Kodi.

Video > File > Add source
pick one of the following:

  1. for window enter this: smb://userName:password@DISKSTATION/video/
  2. for Mac enter this: nfs:// is IP address of your NAS or Mac

Here is the forum for Kodi. you can ask questions about Kodi there:

Yes mrMc seems to rely on standard protocols, just like infuse; no need for proprietary media server softwares or anything. I’d suggest you start by trying to login with the same credentials you use for infuse. Make sure the address is correct, firewall isn’t causing any issue. There’s not much more to it than that in most cases, all these apps are pretty much the same in terms of setup. The best way to get a feel for how any app works is to browse through the settings and see what is available. If you’re not sure what something is just google its name, because in the case of MrMc it’s unlikely to be unique to that app. If you’ve been able to get setup all on your own so far, pat yourself on the back and feel good about it :slight_smile: tech is a constant learning process, the tech savvy are usually self taught by tinkering, turning stuff on and off, reading forums (where half the time you won’t get all the answers you want; I never do). I can’t offer any more help due to not owning mrmc at this time. I’ve had a look at their website and it does appear to be a bit dysfunctional at this time…

edit: someone else beat to it :smiley:

Haha! So true.

“I don’t understand how to use this app!!! ZERO STARS”