MPlayer shows terrible photos against XBMC

I have scanned my paper photos into digital image by my image scanner with 300dpi resolution.
And I have copied the photos into NAS and dispayed by MPlayer, but view of photos are like oil paint and dirty.
Therefore I also scanned the same photos with 600dpi resolution.
They are OK in MPlayer.
I had felt that the scanning resolution must be 600dpi.

But I saw the same photo images with 300dpi resolution in my iPhone via AirPlay.
They are OK.
I feel that 300dpi resolution is no problem and MPlayer does not fit in the resolution.

In addition, I saw the same photo images in XBMC, they are OK.
MPlayer is bad against XBMC in the display of paper photo images.

How can I improve TV show for my paper scanned photos by MPlayer?

A number of improvements for the photo browser will be available in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.


I have now got aTVflash 1.2, but it is not improved yet.
I hope another improvement