mplayer codec installation failed !

i have 2 problems:

  1. i tried to install mplayer codecs, but there was an error doing so.
    I suppose the codec page cannot be found…wrong link ? Internet connection works fine…

  2. how to install the new Apple firmware (2.1) ?
    I have 2.02. Better keep it the way it is or doing a firmware update.if so, how can i get update functionality back again?
    (Using ATV Flash 3.2

Thanks in advance, -cortex-

The 3.2 version of aTV Flash is best used with the 2.1 Apple TV software. If you did not disable the auto-update, you can update through the settings menu, then reinstall the aTV Flash.

If you did disable the auto-update, you will need to recreate the flash drive with this option disabled, reinstall the aTV Flash (to re-enable the update feature), update the Apple TV software, then re-install the aTV Flash again.

Thanks for your answer.
Thought there would be any menu point to toggle auto-update on/off.
Your way is simple, too.

Best regards, -cortex-