.mpg experience slow choppy playback



I wonder if I’m doing something wrong here.


Ive got a lot of .mpg movies. When i want to watch them they all get the message "You may experience slow or choppy playback when viewing this video on the AppleTV. When I play the movie it does get choppy…

is there, or will there be a good solution to watch .mpg movies with atv flash black?




I have the same problem with all mpg2 videos. *.mkv are OK.!!?  I use LAN

Any ideas?

I have no problem to watch it with xmbc.

I will try the xbmc tonight, to bad because id rather use the fire-core media player. Will xbmc also play all subs?

I also use lan.

Still hoping for a answer that works with the firecore media player

Hi yes i have problems with mpgs being choppy as well

Can you send in a bug report?

Unfortunately the aTV Flash Media Player appears to still be pretty green, and nowhere near the more robust and mature level of the media player in XBMC.  I too would much rather use the much better integrated aTV Media Player and would uninstall XBMC altogether if Media Player would just be more reliable and useful. 

Well, on all my movies giving a choppy playback (they can also be mkv) XBMC did fine with sometimes a bit of buffering issue, but reasonnably smooth palyback. The pb is therefore not the apple TV, or the network, but the firecore player itself. The pb seems to be more frequent when dealing with larger than usual files (i.e. over 700 Megs)

I think i tried everything to play a 1080p .mpg movie.

With plex it works best but the pc that has plex media server almost cant keep up.

XBMC keeps buffering

firecore media player gets choppy…

MKV works great on all but i really want it to play all types. Can someone tell me if this is going to happen in the future? When its not ill prob have to find a better media player for the movies i want to watch.


Hi, I was sending a bug report to FC.

We will see what happen.

Greetings from Germany :wink:

answer: interlaced video is not currently supported, but we’re hoping to support it soon.

I’ve got the same thing.  I dumped all my home movies off my hard drive camcorder (all MPG files) onto an external hard drive, and when Apple TV plays them it tells me that they’ll play choppy, and they do.  At least they give us a warning!

I suppose I could convert them all to MOV files or something, but one of the main reasons I bought aTV Flash was the promise of playing almost any kind of file type I throw at it without converting.  I hope this issue gets resolved soon, I don’t want to have to use XBMC or Plex or whatever else, I like the fully integrated Media Player.

Of course, I’m not owed anything by anyone, Firecore is doing a great job with their product.  Thanks guys!