mpeg4 audio is not accepted

Hi, I’ve tried uploading a mpeg4 audio file and it’s not allowed. I’ve also converted to a mp3 file and I’m getting the same message. Am I doing something wrong or doesnt the app allow such files? Thanks in advance for any replies.

I thought mpeg4 was a video format?

If you are asking if inFuse on iOS can play files that are audio only, then the answer is that the current version cannot. Firecore have indicated that support for this on their roadmap, but no ETA has been given.

Hi thank you for your reply, yes it appears that MPEG4 is a video/audio compression method. I’ve got a whole load of audio only files that are in the MPEG4 format. Hopefully Infuse will be able to handle these as well soon. Maybe there is a way I can convert the files so that Infuse can play them.