Mpaa details - cause problems

if the nfo file contains mpaa details they cause problems in movie detail view

nfo file has

<mpaa>Rated R for pervasive strong language, some sexuality and brief drug use.</mpaa> 

movie is displayed like this:

if there is no Mpaa Movie is displayed like this

It looks like the MPAA field should be the short MPAA rating (just “Rated R”).

You may want to check out this thread I ran across in another forum.

Not sure how authoritative it really is but it sounds like the same issue.

used Ember Media Manager and rescraped Single Data Field → MPAA for all my movies…
Now mpaa in the nfo file has short description… and i presume that when finished Infuse will display movie info properly…

Infuse will treat the MPAA field as normal text, so whatever is entered there will be displayed in the app. An app could be designed to treat this text differently, but since this is outside the scope of a normal NFO file it’s probably not something that is going to make it into Infuse.

There is some discussion on this topic on the Kodi forums.

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