mp4 reproduction suddenly interrupts

Hello guys,

just bought infuse pro for iPhone and iPad - I would be very satisfied except one very annoying detail: when reproducing mp4 (streaming from my Mac connected to the same wifi and broadcasting to Chromecast on my TV), reproduction suddenly interrupts pausing the video every 15-20 minutes at best. Therefore I have to try to re-start my mp4 from the infuse app or from my iPad/iphone screensaver, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to respond my commands. Only solution is to close and re-open the infuse app - and to do it again and again, after every 20 minutes interruption. Basically a nightmare…
Do you guys know if this is a common issue which will be hopefully fixed or if there is anything I can do to solve it?
Thank you some much for helping


Try updating to the new 4.0 update, which includes a number of Cast released improvements.

Also, restarting the Chromecast device itself will often times help - as restarting forces the device to download the latest updates.