mp4 gets incorrect metadata?

I have correctly named files of types mkv and mp4 but they get different metadata.


  • correct metadata


  • incorrect metadata

Any ideas why this happens?

So, it turns out that the mov file has no metadata and therefore Infuse gets its own data.

With the mp4 file, it has full metadata embedded and Infuse seems to think it is a movie and looks up a movie of the TV Show episode name.

I’m reluctant to strip all my own metadata out of the files.

Any other options open to me?

I stripped all metadata from my TV Shows files (using and am now letting Infuse grab the metadata itself.
Even with Embedded Metadata switched OFF the metadata in the files would trip up Infuse media organisation.
Not an ideal scenario, and really there is a lot of work still needed here especially for TV Shows.

The only benefit is that Infuse own metadata retrieval and display is richer and ore detailed, than when it uses embedded metadata (which is quite bare even if it exists in the file).

Aside, I am using an Asus router running miniDLNA to access my media.