mp4 from samsung camcorder don't work - green color

Sorry for my english…

So, I have an apple tv with atv flash black and my atv don’t play any movie made with my HDV camera samsung.

For example, this is a file from this camera:

Format: AVC encoder SAMSUNG, 1920 x 1080, Millions
AAC, Stereo (LR), 48.000 kHz
Fps: 50
dim: 230.2 MB
rate: 17.17 Mbit / s

The problem is that I cannot view it and when importing them into itunes from atv> Computers> PC Library> Movies  don’t work

also with aTV Flash Media> My Files

What can I do? Do you have the same problems?

Thanks! :frowning:

There is no way that file will work - the ATV2 hardware is not up to handling a file recorded at 50fps    You only chance would be to recode it to a much lower frame rate.  While doing so it might be advisable to also reduce the resolution to 720p to try and reduce the bit rate even further.