MP4 Freezes & Crashes AppleTV 1st Gen

I have just purchased the aTV for 1st Gen device, installation went well with only a minor problem that you need to use a USB stick less than 1Gb but bigger than 256Mb which was not noted.

I seem to be able to play AVI (Divx) files fine, however MP4 files just crash the Apple TV and in some cases crashes and after 2 mins it reboots. Some of the MP4 files are downloaded from and they all play perfectly on my computers but not on the Apple TV with or without FireCore software. Can you please advice how this can be resolved as my camera (Canon 550D) only records in MP4 and would take me months to convert everything.


Same happening here. Newer MP4s from eztv act as described above. Other MP4s seem OK.

All files play well on aTV2.

Found the solution deeper in the forum.

Disable .h264  in Maintenance. Seems to be the fix.

Yep, disabling Apple H.264 and changing playback mode to QuickTime seems to have resolved the problem…

Any help as to how to disable .h264 in maintenance?  I searched through the settings, but can’t seem to find it.


Also facing the same issue can any one help how to disable .h264 in maintenance? Not able to find the solution