mp4 files and nitotv

When I attempt to watch movies using nitotv, I get a bit of sound at the beginning and then nothing, and never a picture. If I toggle off the Apple H.264 the movie stutters terribly. How can I fix this. The movies are mp4 format.

Do you know the resolution or bitrate specs for your file? The AppleTV hardware will currently handle files up to 5 Mbps, maximum resolution 1280x720 @ 24fps, 960x540 @ 30fps.

I used to be able to play any number of mp4 files before updating recently. Now the same files freeze during playback.
Very disappointing as I have so much time into formatting these files, a fairly large library, and placing them on the external HD attached to my ATV.
I watched these videos frequently as they are part of a large spirituality library that I share with others.
Not too thrilled with ATVFlash right now.

You may try disabling the ‘Apple H.264’ item through the Maintenance → Settings menu. This will improve playback for many file types including MP4.