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What is the best way to move to a new server so all my metadata and viewing isn’t reset? I have a Drobo with all my media on it I want to move to a new Mac. Will it be as simple as naming the Mac the same thing with the same username and password to access?

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If you want to maintain all of the watched history and gathered metadata I think they only way to do that is to do things in this order.

First, leave ALL shares and content you currently have on Infuse untouched.

Copy all of your videos from your current server to the new one.

Add the new server shares to Infuse and let Infuse scan the new server completely.

This should now show all of your library with two entries for each (one on the old server and one on the new server) but both entries should have the same watched status and content.

Now delete the original share that you started with leaving the new server shares.

Once Infuse has a chance to scan again for changes all the duplicates should be cleared and you should have the watched history and metadata intact.

DISCLAIMER: This is how I’ve done this in the past and it worked. There may be some tinkering to get the final desired look but it worked for me.

I have tried a while back to just delete some files and add a new drive back with that same content and it showed all as new unwatched and had to fetch new metadata for all.

If there’s a better or faster way I’m interested too.

Also just curious, why move from a device that is made to be a network server and move the files to a Mac? That means you either have to set the Mac to never sleep along with any additional drives you have attached to it or you’ll have to wait sometimes when using Infuse and it has to wake the Mac.

Unless there are specific problems you’re having now with the drobo I’d consider staying with that. Just my two cents. :wink:

I’m am using an older Mac mini that is starting to have some issues, so it just needs to be replaced before it fails completely

So I take it your Drobo is a DAS and not a NAS and you want to disconnect it from the old mac mini with issues and connect it to a new mac to serve your videos to Infuse.

In That case I don’t really know how you’d accomplish what you want.

I don’t think you can do it without losing your watched status etc.

How many videos and how much space do they take on the Drobo?

What model Drobo do you have?

So the simple solution was move the RIAD unit to the new Mac and name the new Mac the same as the old (with the same IP) with the same account/password. It immediately recognized the new machine as the old one and all metadata preserves.

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