Moving to a new computer


I searched around for an answer but didn’t find anything.

I recently purchased a new computer, iMac, and moved all my data from the old to the new.

The contents of iTunes on the new computer is exactly the same as the one on the old one.  My problem is that my ATV1 is not recognized in the Devices section in the left hand pane.

I believe it has something to do with “pairing” and as far as I have been able to find out, the ATV will have to be put back to its original, non-flashed, state to do this.

Has anyone successfully move from one computer to another and, if so, how did you get it to be recognized on the new computers iTunes?





Also, if I do restore it to factory default, will all the movies that I have stored on there, go away?



To get the AppleTV paired with your new computer try the steps below. A restore shouldn’t be necessary.

Thanks James,

I had figured it out over the weekend but have not had time to get back here.


Thanks again