Moving some files does break Custom Collections :-(

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I have Infuse Pro 7.7.2 and primary use is watching via AppleTV (latest 4K, latest OS update) with as files source a QNAP NAS. Everything had been working well, I created 18 custom collections.

Then I consolidated my two movie folders into one on the QNAP. While files play perfectly on their own or from within smart collections, for all files that were moved I can no longer play them from within a custom collection. I get the “An Error Occurred. Failed to open input stream in denuding stream”. Files that were not moved still play fine from within custom collections. Files that were moved still play fine from anywhere other than a custom collection.

No matter how many refreshes or ‘check for changes’ I run within the Infuse app or after rebooting the AppleTV it’s still broken. Again the files are ok as they play fine from other areas in the app.

I understood that Custom Collections, like other collections, can deal with files being moved? It seems not, at least on AppleTV.

Anyway after creating those 18 custom collections, I’d rather not have to do it all again. Is there a fast fix for these broken links?

Diagnostic code VJX58



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