Moving on from ATV Jailbreak with Infuse 2.x

Now with Infuse 2.0 for iOS on the horizon, can I say goodbye to the ATV2 jailbreak and get an ATV3 and still be able to watch my whole video library on my TV?

Because, that’s what I am plannnig to do, if the app works as the one installed on a jailbroken ATV, and that’s what I am going to recommend to all the people that I know that is using a jailbroken ATV, just buy Infuse and enjoy.

Of course, I will have to test it and compare it against the ATV app.


I was under the impression that the Jailbreak would still be required in order to AirPlay Infuse 2.0 content to AppleTV!?

I don’t think they would advertise a feature that requires jailbreak in the iTunes App Store.

Airplay should work on both jailbroken and normal ATV (including ATV3).

I guess we will soon find out once Infuse 2.0 has been vetted by the App Store! :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, Infuse for iPhone/iPad is a standalone app and will work with or without a jailbreak installed.

Infuse 2 will support streaming media from a Mac, PC or NAS and AirPlaying this content to an ATV2 or ATV3.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Yes, thanks.

That was my point, with Infuse 2 I can now have an ATV3 and still watch my movies like I am doing right now with the jailbroken ATV2.

This is real good news.

Will sell my ATV2 once I’ve tested 2.0 and probably get twice the value of what I originally bought it for!

ATV3 will be great as it supports the new updated netflix. :slight_smile:

So if I understand it correctly, I should need Infuse 2.0 and it should airplay to my ATV3 then?   That would be awesome.   Save me from hunting for another ATV2 and the crazy prices people are charging for them.


InFuse works great with my current 1TB library I have built and FireCore +InFuse. 



Right. The 1.5 version of Infuse will actually AirPlay to an ATV2 or ATV3 just fine, but Infuse 2 will add the ability to pull content from a Mac, PC, or NAS drive and send that over AirPlay as well.