Moving media to another hard drive


Im new to infuse and love it so far.

My current external hard drive is running out of space and wanted to move all existing data to another external hard drive which is larger. If i do this will infuse still remember everything Ive watched? Or will I have to go through and mark them watched again?

If you can leave the current drive in place and get the new drive on line and create a share to it in Infuse you can then copy the files from the old drive to the new disk via the finder and let it scan the new disk then you will see two of everything and the watched status will mirror. Then, you can delete the old small drive share and you should be back to one of everything and everything marked as you wanted with more space.

Or you can sync watched status via Trakt

If you’re a Pro user and have iCloud Sync enabled, Infuse will be able to restore info like watched history and ratings as this is tied to the movie/show ID and not the actual files. This also works if you have multiple copies of the same video.

Keeping the old share in place isn’t a bad idea as it allow to confirm everything transfer over before removing the unused share.

Trakt is also an option, but it will only be used for items that are watched after you have logged in. Past watched history is not currently synced to Trakt.

Thanks for the tips.
Ive only just signed up to Pro but have a free month before I need to pay so I assume it should still work.

Yep. Should be good to go. :slight_smile:

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