Moving from one house to another

I have a jailbroken ATV2 and its working great.  I am moving to a new place and will have to disconnect everything and this worries me greatly.

Is there anything I can/should do to make sure it will work again once I am set up in my new place?

Will I just need to do a tethered boot and away I go?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

If you have untethered jb, then just unplug it and youre good to go. Otherwise if its tethered jb, you need to boot tether it upon set up to your new place.

I guess I’m not sure if its tethered or not.  Does tethered mean that when I turn off the ATV2 I have to plug it into a computer to start it up again? I don’t have to do that but did have to do the boot tethered selection when I first jailbroke it.

On your ATV go into setting and see what firmware you have. Once you record that go to and see if it’s tethered or not.

If it is listed as untethered you can just unplug and plug it in at new site. If it’s listed as tethered then you will have to hook it up to your computer when you get to new place and just hit the tether button.

Will do.  Thanks for the help.