Moving from ATV1 to ATV2: streaming music.


Currenlty running ATV1 with atvflash since couple of years and very very happy with it. For being able to play HD-movies I think of switching to ATV2 (or 3  when jailbroken). 

For playing movies I am well-informed - loads of good info and tutorials on youtube. That’s OK. My worry however is in streaming music.

Here is what I want and I’m not sure if I can do it with the atvflash of the atv2.

My music is stored on the NAS (WD MyBook live) and via itunes on my pc accessible. It currently syncrhoises with ATV1’s internal harddrive so i am able to play my music and go through my music-files showing artists and album-covers beautifully on the original appre-remote app for iPad. And that;'s exactly what I want to do in my next mediaplayer:


  • PC Off: Play music from NAS without having to put PC on. My NAS is WDMybook live
  • TV Off: Go through my NAS's music files via an iPad remote so without having to put the TV on
  • Albumart: Nice designed remote-app showing artists, album-cover, playlists etc.
  • Am I still gonna use iTunes on my windows-pc?


Please help me out guys.


With aTV Flash (black) installed you will be able to stream music directly from a NAS drive, but unfortunately the Apple Remote app will not allow you to browse/select/play music without having the TV on to navigate the artists/albums etc…

When streaming through iTunes the Remote app can be used with the TV off.

Hope this helps.

I use the Remote HD app tp navigate the aTV menus without needing the TV switched on as it displays what would normally be shown on the aTV.