moving/deleting icons

Is it possible to move and delete icons on the main Apple Screen, similar to when you hold down the select button and the icons start wiggling. I could do this before the jailbreak but can’t do it now.

I want XBMC up on the top row!

I do not think that it is currently possible to put XBMC on the top row.

Is it possible to move any icons? it was a nice addition from apple, so I’m surprised its gone in the jailbreak.

If you have done the default jailbreak then you have downgraded to the 5.0.2 firmware as the base. I suspect that moving icons will be possible when the 5.2 jailbreak arrives.


This feature arrived with 5.1 so would be there if you updated to 5.2 and jailbroke.  It would NOT be there if you are still on 5.0.x.

I’ve tried it and it works fine.  The only problem I’m seeing is that Firecore’s Maintenance app keeps reverting its position.  I posted about it here:  5.2: Maintenance App keeps moving - 2nd gen Apple TV - Firecore

I agree - re-arranging icons is a nice new feature of the 5.2 firmware.   Interesting that the maintenance app misbehaves for you - it seems to be staying where I put it on my system.

What I would rally like was if FireCore could crack the problem of putting the icons for their apps onto the top row of icons.  Apparently they need some special treatment as at the moment it is not possible to get them any higher than the second row.

Move it anywhere (last position on 2nd line, or all the way at the bottom.)

Then reboot.

You’ll see, yours will revert back too.

Just tried it - and it looks like it reverts to the second line after the Media Player and Browser icons.   I guess I rarely reboot not to have noticed this :).   Also as it happens, the position it reverts to is where I put it anyway when I first moved it manually so even more reason not to have noticed.


For what it’s worth, it would revert position after some period of normal ATV usage.  Using Netflix, watching an iTunes movie, whatever.  A reboot is just the fastest way to “trigger” it, so that’s why I suggested you try it.

I’m pretty sure Media Player and Browser would revert too.


It would be great if these Firecore icons could stay in the position we move them to, just like the other Apple icons.

I was on 5.2 and when I jailbroke Jan 11th, the OS returned to 5.0.x.

How do I return the OS to 5.2? Do I need to re-jailbreak?

Also, I agree, it would be great to change the top row.

If you jailbreak with the latest SeasonPass the default is now 5.2.  Sounds as if you used an earlier release of SeasonPass when the default was 5.0.2.

Correction I was on 5.1 and the moving icon feature disappeared post JB. I did get seasonpass from the FC website.

Using the new seasonpass will update to 5.2 correct? and XBMC is not supported yet, so I’ll guess I’ll have to wait.